Bright Spots: Bibb County Track Team Accomplishes a Lot With a Little

Bright Spots

This week’s Bright Spot takes us to Bibb County, where a group of students hurdled over the odds stacked against them …and now have some hardware to prove it.

The Bibb County High School Boys Track team won the 4A Track and Field State Championship in Gulf Shores earlier this month.

This would be an exciting and huge accomplishment for any team, but it’s especially amazing for these guys.

“We’ve made something out of nothing really,” BCHS Senior athlete Travis McKenzie said. “We don’t even have a track and field facility.”

“It was a tough journey, not having any jump pits or anything,” senior Letrell Morrison said.

So with no track and no field, what does a typical practice look like?

“We get out in this parking lot and I promise you; we practice the hardest,” Morrison said. “We just run on the gravel. And the jumpers, we will do some bounding on the ground and everything. That is pretty much it. It’s very intense. I don’t believe a lot of teams can do it.”

When the team rolled back into town on Sunday with their championship trophy in tow, they were met with open arms by a huge, proud Choctaw family.

“It’s really about having heart you know,” McKenzie said. “I talked to my friends and it’s not about having all of the facilities. Of course, that would have helped, but it was really all about just having the heart and mentality to get better.”

The 2021 Bibb County High School track team crossed the finish line in first place at the state meet, making school history and their community proud.

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