Bright Spots: Bibb County farm a sanctuary for animals in need

Welcome to Tabernacle Farm in Brent.

This week’s Bright Spots report takes us to Bibb County, where a fun fall event is benefitting a warm and very fuzzy cause.

On Saturday, these acres were filled with all kinds of fall, family-friendly, fun as part of their Fall Farm Day.

“We’re going to have over 40 arts and crafts vendors,” Tabernacle Farm owner Cynthia Winegard said. “Food trucks, lots of fun things for the kids to do, pumpkin patch, face painting, just a family fun day. It is going to benefit the Sandy Wayne Sanctuary of Hope.”

Sandy Wayne Sanctuary of Hope is a nonprofit based in Brent that specializes in providing homes for abandoned, surrendered, senior and special needs animals. The sanctuary is run by Bibb County native Reba Morse. So then, who is Sandy Wayne?

“We moved to central Florida back in ’86,” Morse said. “Shortly after that, we started rehabilitating wildlife. It was mostly squirrels. During that process, many years into it we’ve probably rehabilitated about 300 squirrels. One of the last ones that came along was Sandy Wayne. She fell out of a tree and hit her head. She was mentally handicapped. She had no idea she was a squirrel. She had to have round the clock care. She had seizures and she was like a baby. She became our baby basically. ”

When Sandy Wayne passed away in 2013, Reba and her husband moved back home to Bibb County.

“When we moved back here, we realized there was more need for rehabilitation with domestic animals,” Morse said. “Our community didn’t have much in the way of that. And as we began to foster and help get animals out to get adopted, we found there was more of a need for special needs help. Our first dog was Sarah.”

Today, Sarah is 8. When Reba found her, she’d been thrown from a car window and had severe brain damage. At the local impound facility, a dog in Sarah’s condition would have been euthanized. Instead, Reba saw a lot of life left in this girl.

“She is a very big success story,” Morse said. “Even our vets use her when they are teaching their student interns as an example of what can happen with the proper care and stuff. Sarah lives a very happy life.”

So load up your favorites for some family fun and head on down to Fall Farm Day. You’ll even get to meet some of the furry faces of Sandy Wayne Sanctuary of Hope like Stewart Little, Mikey, Tiny Tim, Bama, and even Sarah.

“What started out as what we thought was going to be a smaller type of event, I think is going to spotlight some of these special dogs and let people see that just because you are a little different, doesn’t mean that you should be discarded or thrown away,” Morse said. “We found some of the sweetest and amazing special needs dogs especially. To be able to let other people see that and what we do is just something we can’t thank her enough for.”

If you missed the event, you can still help the organization. They have an Amazon Wishlist right here, or you can message them on Facebook right here.

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