Bright Spots: Author Highlights Bullying with Children’s Book

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This week’s Bright Spot introduces us to a local author who became published during the pandemic.

” ‘In Chadwick’s Eyes’ is a science fiction book about a 10-year-old boy,” author Rae Yung said. “The story is about love, it’s about family, it’s also about children dealing with the challenges of bullying and their emotions.”

We won’t spoil the read for you, but Northport author Rae Yung hopes her book “In Chadwick’s Eyes” will open readers’ eyes to not only the issue of bullying but also societal issues like diversity. The story focuses on character building in children and evokes meaningful and heartfelt conversations.

“I would like to normalize diversity because we live in a diverse world,” Yung said. “That is what the book is mainly about. My hope is that the book inspires readers to be able to have conversations or just kids being able to be more open with their parents about ways they feel on the inside.”

“In Chadwick’s Eyes” was inspired by Yung’s late brother Demetrius Bonner, who passed away in 2017 from chronic kidney disease.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales will go toward awareness for chronic kidney disease and preventive measures that can be taken to lower death rates.

You can purchase “In Chadwick’s Eyes” on Amazon, at almost any bookstore including Barnes and Noble or on

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