Bright Spots: American Christian Academy students stand with Mr. Bonner

Bright Spots

This week’s Bright Spot took us just down the road to the Five Points area in Tuscaloosa to the Bojangles there, where you can get a whole lot more than a yummy meal.

If you’ve ever ridden by the restaurant, you’ve probably seen this man, James David Bonner. He’s lovingly known to this community as “Mr. Bonner” or “The Jesus Will Save You Guy.”

That’s what the sign Bonner holds along the side of University Boulevard East reads: Jesus Will Save You.

Usually, he stands alone waving and giving passersby a thumbs-up, but last week he was joined by 75 fourth graders from American Christian Academy, holding signs of their own.

“One of the students had the idea to use our shields we made in class as a way to stand in solidarity with Mr. Bonner. I said that’s a great idea,” said ACA fourth-grade teacher Carisa McPherson.

The students created “Shields of Faith” with their own messages to those who drove by.

No matter how many waves, honks or thumbs-ups Bonner gets, he said he does not do it for attention. He stands there with his sign rain or shine to pass along his message.

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