Bright Spots: Alabama Student Writing Cards for Nursing Home Residents



Most students don’t have to worry about writing thank you notes until after graduation, but University of Alabama senior Demarcus Rudolph is giving these cards as gifts to nursing home residents.

“There was always one dude who I would talk to when my granddaddy was in the nursing home,” Demarcus told WVUA 23 reporter Chelsea Barton. “He would say, ‘Ahh, man, I don’t have anyone to write me or none of that.’ I am just like, well maybe somebody needs to start, so I just started doing it. I didn’t know the pandemic was coming, but once that came I thought now is the time to do it even more because no one can go in.”

So Demarcus picked up his pen and began writing greeting cards to nursing home residents he has never seen or met before.

“Some are long, some are short,” he said. “Most of them are Bible related because I am a preacher’s kid.”

So far, Demarcus has written more than 300 cards.

“I am not the kind to show emotion, but it kind of got me a little bit,” he said. “It feels good to know I am doing something good. I feel good. I feel like I want to put something sincere. Something that is going to get to them. Make them smile or they might cry a happy tear or something. I just feel like it’s something I am supposed to do.”

With 400 more cards on order, Demarcus said he’s ready to keep spreading smiles.

“I don’t plan on stopping,” he said. “Once I write them once, I put a sheet with information about why I am doing it. I put my email address and my number. They can email me and be like, ‘Hey we want to start writing you back.’ If I get a pen pal out of this, great. I get to talk to somebody who is in the nursing home.

With a little ink, several hundred cards and whole lot of heart, this young man is spreading joy in a world where it’s sometimes hard to find.

“This one, the outside of it says ‘Hope can grow wherever it’s planted,’ ” Demarcus said while reading one of his cards. “The inside says I want you to continue to shine bright. Thinking of you and hoping each tomorrow is a little brighter, love Demarcus Rudolph.”

If you’d like to contact Rudolph, his email address is

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