Bright Spots: Alabama grad wins car on ‘Price is Right’

A former University of Alabama student used her passion for game shows for her own benefit recently, scoring a big prize on “The Price is Right.”

Jenn Lamonaca, who interned at WVUA 23 while she was in college, now lives in LA and works for NFL Network.

“I love game shows,” Lamonaca said. “I get very into them on my couch. You would think I was watching Alabama football when I am watching game shows. ”

Lamonaca recently won big on the hit TV show by playing the game Lucky Seven.

“You have $7, and you have to guess the digits of the car,” Lamonaca said. “For every digit that you are off, $1 is taken away. You have to be able to purchase the car with a dollar.”

Lamonaca said it’s the audience who helped ensure she wound up with $2 at the end of the game after guessing the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage on stage cost $17,625.

That meant the car was all hers. So now she’s driving that brand-new car around LA with a tag holder reading “I won this car on ‘The Price is Right.’ ”

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