Bright Spots: A ticket to forever

If you’re a current or former student of the University of Alabama, chances are you’re a member or have at least heard of the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group. Most people use it as a resource to sell football tickets. Others ask for recommendations and referrals. Every now and again, you’ll see a missing pet or yard sale bargain post. For  Ashley Nixon and Micaiah Hall, they found the ticket to the rest of their lives.
Let’s rewind to October 2016. COVID-19 was unheard of. People gathered without worry. The biggest talk-abouts back then were the upcoming presidential election and, around here, the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game.
Being from the Lonestar state, then-freshman Ashley Nixon was searching for a football ticket for a friend coming to visit for the game. So she turned to the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange to find it. Then-freshman Micaiah Hall saw the post and initiated a conversation.
They were both thinking that they’d carry out the ticket exchange and go on their separate ways. Ashley didn’t even buy Micaiah’s ticket, but what she did get was a whole lot more.
Five and a half years later, the two are planning their wedding. But it wasn’t romance right away, at least for Ashley. She and Micaiah were friends for several years before they became a couple.
“He was totally in the friend zone,” Ashley said.
“I kept trying to work my phone number in there,” Micaiah said.
“I thought that this wasn’t going anywhere, so I just wanted to keep it on Facebook Messenger,” Ashley said.
“Everyone has that story of the one that got away, “he added. “I always thought it was going to be her. Now, it happened. I can’t believe it.”
Ashley finally came around, and the two have been dating since spring of 2021.
Micaiah proposed to Ashley in November, and they’re getting married in Arkansas this November.
They’ll wed in Arkansas this November.
The future husband and wife recently revisited the ticket exchange group to share their story with the 75,000-plus members, and maybe give some hope to some other lovebirds out there.
“The friend zone can’t keep you, ” Micaiah said. “It’s never rock solid.”
“That’s what blows my mind,” Ashley said. “So many things had to happen in a specific way for us to meet.”
“When we explain to people who didn’t go to Bama and tell them we met on a Facebook group, they’re like ‘what? Y’all don’t have dating apps down there?,” Micaiah said.
No dating apps needed. If a story ever deserved a Roll Tide, it’s this one.
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