Bright Spot: Writing into children’s hearts

Sara Lavender Burkhalter is a local woman who’s taken two of her dreams and turned them into realities. She helps run her family’s construction company and is now a children’s book author.

“This book is is called Our Belly Button Love,” Sara said to four children listening to her read at Moundville Public Library. “It’s about how much you are loved. This particular book is actually the first book I ever wrote on my journey to becoming a children’s author. It’s based on a true story and that story is my story.”

Burkhalter hopes these boys and girls take home a special lesson of love from her story.

“It’s a beautiful relationship that children can see unfold of the love that  a mother and father have for their child,” she said. “I think it is important to realize they are loved. The are cherished. They are  valuable and worthy of so much love this world has to offer and I think it is important for children to be able to see that and be able to relate to the book and see that relationships are important with your mother and with your father. So it is very beautiful.”

We may be wrapping up the holiday season, but Burkhalter is still feeling the love on one of her other book releases, “Welding Santa’s Sleigh.”

“I realized that so many books are out there that promote people in white coats and people in capes who are heroes,” she said. “What children need to realize is that some of the greatest heroes in America in my opinion are the blue collar workers of America. I want them to realize that and see that there are other things to be proud of and that you can get in to as far as a career and so that is really what drove
me into writing that different series.”

So, what’s next for Burkhalter?

“I am very excited that this year we have the Sam series coming out,” she said. “Sam is our beloved Lab. We have had him for four years. He is my daughter’s best friend, my husband’s best friend, my most loved animal on the face of this earth. And so the Sam series really promotes the outdoors and the hunting industry and the relationship between father and child. It is a beautiful series I think that is really going to encourage children to get back outdoors and back into nature and how beautiful it can be to have a relationship with your father and your pet. I am really excited for it to be released this year.”

And while her books may be targeted for out younger generations, Sara Lavender Burkhalter has this message for all of us.

“There is no dream job that’s too far out of reach for you if you are determined really to make it a reality and you should,” she said. “You absolutely should. You want to be able to leave a legacy. I want my daughter to realize, ‘wow my mom left a legacy. She was passionate about children. She was passionate about writing and literature, and she was passionate construction and work force development.  I want people to take home that message and realize that if you are passionate about something, then you absolutely should pursue it and I support them 100 percent.”

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