By: Priscilla Estrada

It was all about pink at the New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church  in Northport for this mornings Sunday service. The church came together to celebrate breast cancer awareness month and had a special speaker share her journey of overcoming the disease. A mother of two, a wife, and friend Angela Hunter was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2014 at the age of 36.

“For me my hand just kind of grazed across it and it felt it but I knew it was something abnormal. When I caught mine I was at stage three and I had still done everything that I thought I was supposed to do” said Hunter.

After surgery to remove the cancerous mass and round of chemotherapy Angela is now cancer free and happy to still be alive.

“I am extremely happy to still be here today. I take the good with the bad now its like everything is just in a whole different light. its like my sons school called the other day its like ugh but I’m here to take that phone call you know.”

First lady of New Missionary Baptist Church Maisha Moore says, “we have members here that have had breast cancer and then me personally the church family supported me through the loss of my grandmother who had breast cancer and we just really wanted to amp it up about awareness and basically the self exam. Making people understand that we can all be affected. It can be me you or anybody else.”

Doctors do advise an annual mammogram examination in order for early detection.




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