Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Behind the Ribbon Program

Breast Cancer00000000

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Lacey Beasley

TUSCALOOSA, AL- The Behind the Ribbon program is a peer-to-peer support group for breast cancer survivors and current breast cancer patients.

When the survivor and patients are paired, the survivors assist patients by attending doctor appointment’s with them, mentoring them, or just being a hand to hold through difficult times.

Behind the Ribbon has been around for six years and was founded by breast cancer survivors.

Jane Smith, the outreach coordinator for the Manderson Cancer Center, said this program is so beneficial to both the patient and the survivor.

Smith contends that breast cancer survivors are resilient and they understand that even when things get hard, the situation is not impossible to overcome.

“They all will say hearing that you have breast cancer is one of the hardest things you can hear, but they are there to tell them that ‘this is just a bump in the road,’” said Smith. “You can get through this. You can survive it. It’s not your story, it’s just a part of it.”

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