Branch Heights in Greene County assessing storm damage

Branch Heights Storm Damage

Some areas within Greene County experienced storm damage from Wednesday night’s storms.

In the Branch Heights area, many residents experienced structural damage.

Greene County Housing Authority Executive Director Anita Lewis said she was watching the weather updates when she got a call from her maintenance supervisor about the damage in branch heights.

“So, I came down and saw the devastation that was here,” Lewis said.

Now many residents are wondering what the next steps are to get their homes repaired.

Right now, they are making assessments to see what’s needed.

“My main concern is taking care of residents and children, we have Red Cross on the ground, we have contacted our board, we have contacted the hub, (Greene County Emergency Management Agency), the ambulance service and so all those people are here assisting us, and we have a lot of community leaders here cleaning up,” Lewis said. “The city of Eutaw is involved and helping us, the county, the sheriff’s department so we are working very diligently on getting things put together and assessed and assisting our residents.”

Greene County EMA Director Hodges Smith said luckily there have been no reports of any fatalities or injuries in the area.

“We did have reports last night of one entrapment and that person was rescued without injuries,” Smith said.

Many community leaders came out to help, including Greene County Housing Board Chair Carolyn Branch and members of the circuit court office.

“Those who have been impacted, we have materials that have been given to us to distribute to them,” Branch said. “Some of the people that have given us supplies have been the baseball country, Mr. Wane spencer, and Ms. Sandra Walker but we are still in need of a lot of stuff.”

Lending a helping hand along with all those organizations was Sawyerville storm victim Jimmy Green.

“I understand what they are going through because back in February when the tornado came, that was a challenge and I know what the people are going through here,” Green said. “I just want to come to be a part of it and show the love and try to tell them what it’s going to take to get through.”

The Branch Heights community is taking all donations. You can call 205-372-3342 to donate.

“We are also asking for manpower, we have a lot of debris that needs to be removed we have displaced families that have to be placed,” Lewis said. “Money donations, food, anything that can assist us, we gave breakfast and Red Cross is here doing lunch those things we are going to be needed for dinner as well.”

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