Bradley Byrne

Congressman Bradley Byrne made his recommendations to reopen the economy to Gov. Kay Ivey.

He said his requests go hand-in-hand with President Donald Trump’s phase one guidelines, which is not a complete re-opening, but rather helping some closed businesses operate under strict limitations.

The report states that restaurants, beaches, close-contact services and sports venues could reopen on May 1 but would still have to enforce social distancing, occupancy limitations and meticulous cleaning procedures.

“Balancing health and the economy – fiscal health, personal health, economic health – It’s not either-or,” Byrne said. “There’s a way for us to do this so you can have both. The president’s guidelines gave us a pretty good blueprint for that and what our recommendations have tried to do is skew pretty darn closely to those guidelines, which are informed by national health professionals. So we feel like we’ve made a good recommendation to the governor.”

Byrne recognized that his recommendation is just that – a recommendation. It will be Ivey’s decision to heed his advice or not.

“She’ll take in all of the other feedback that she’s getting from other congressmen, Lt. Governor Ainsworth and whoever else, and then she’ll make the decision,” Byrne said. “The only thing we said to her is if she is going to open the economy on May 1, it would be helpful to everybody to announce that well enough in advance so that we can all get prepared for them.”

He said he wants business owners to have time to prepare to operate under the limitations and give consumers time to learn what is and is not available.

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