Joe and Kristin Lowery have been married for 11 years and have two sons. They recently made the decision to adopt a third child from India. In order to raise money to fund the adoption process, Joe and Kristin partnered with Both Hands, an organization that helps families looking to adopt find a way to raise funds while simultaneously helping a widow in their community.  Each family is partnered with a widow who is in need of home repairs.

As a part of their service project, Joe and Kristin were matched with Margaret Cooper, a widow who also adopted a son from overseas.

“We got together through a mutual friend, acquaintance, and they were looking for a widow that had a wish list,” Cooper said. “And they’re adopting from a foreign country and so this mutual friend just put us together.”

Over the weekend, the Lowery’s assisted Margaret with home maintenance and improvements including landscaping. Several volunteers helped organize this event and raise funds towards the Lowery’s adoption.

“I think the best thing about this project is regardless of how much money is raised for us, we know we’re doing something to help someone else and so it’s not about that nervousness of ‘Oh, I hope it’s a successful project for us financially.’ It’s no matter what, at the end of the day, we feel good about what we’re doing to help her,” Kristin said.

Both Hands started in 2008 and the mission is “to serve orphans, widows and adoptive families.” The program offers one hand for the widow and one hand for the orphan.

“We found out about her and found out that she was a widow, and so came and met her, and fell in love with her,” said Joe Lowery.

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