Hayden Mayberry

Walker County investigators have released the identity of a body found Sunday in the Boldo community.

Hayden Mayberry, 26, had been missing since Nov. 19. He was last seen in the Boldo community going into a wooded area behind the residence where he was staying at the time.

Multiple searches came up unsuccessful over the next two and a half months until Saturday, when a couple walking along the roadway nearby the residence where Mayberry was last seen called 911 to report a body found. Dental records and tattoos helped investigators to positively identify the victim as Mayberry.

The Walker County Sheriff’s office held a press conference Monday releasing what information they have surrounding the body found.

“The preliminary diagnosis of death that I will emphatically remind you is a limited amount of current facts and circumstances, is suicide by probable hanging,” Walker County Sheriff’s Office Lead Investigator Carl Carpenter said. “There was also physical evidence at the scene that the death could be suspicious. Again, I do not want to discuss those facts at this time.”

The investigation is ongoing and more interviews will be conducted, but Carpenter assures that the Walker County Sheriff’s Office will do all it can to conclude the case.

“As we have previously said, our function is to uncover the truth in the investigation and prosecute any offenders that can be determined. At this point in the investigation, we do not believe we have obtained the entire truth of the matter and we will continue to look,” Carpenter said.

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