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Black warrior river

After more than 400,000 gallons of sewage spilled into the Black Warrior River and several area creeks from a Northport leak earlier this month, a river watchdog group is finally getting some answers about what the city should have done different.

Black Warrior Riverkeeper Nelson Brooke met with Northport officials for two hours this morning, and said he’s glad that this won’t be an issue again.

“I’m not quite sure why there wasn’t a better flow of information,” he said. “But I’m glad that at least we have an arrangement going forward where there will be a better flow of information next time around.”

City officials estimate that anywhere between 400,000 and 4,010,000 gallons of sewage flowed into the river over the Fourth of July weekend, and the Riverkeeper organization expressed annoyance with the city for their inability to adequately inform the public of the spill and prevent swimming or fishing in the river.

Interim City Administrator Charles Swann said all parties involved share the same goals: keeping the river clean and making sure the public is notified.

“I was very pleased with the meeting and our relationship with the Riverkeepers,” Swann said.

The Black Warrior Riverkeeper organization said it wants signage along the riverbanks as well as more efficient email alerts in the event of another spill.

“At a bare minimum do physical notification in the affected community,” Brooke said. “Do physical notification in the affected community as opposed to just putting up a piece of paper at city hall.”

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