Birmingham radio station hosting cancer research radiothon Aug. 31

Photo courtesy the Starr Children's Fund

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Intern Nicole Griffin

A Birmingham radio station is bringing on several star athletes this week for a great cause: raising money for a cancer research foundation.

The Starr Children’s Fund is partnering with 107.3 Birmingham Mountain Radio for an Aug. 31 radiothon from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The station will be interviewing current and past athletes and alongside the families of children who have battled cancer.

One of those children is Bart and Cherry Starr’s son Bart Starr Jr., for whom the Starr Children’s Fund is dedicated.

“I am excited for everyone who will tune in to hear the Starr Children’s Fund radiothon,” said Cherry Starr in a statement. “It really does make a difference in helping find the cure for pediatric cancer.”

The Bart and Cherry Starr Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Fund is a one-year fellowship at Children’s of Alabama that provides a salary for physicians to continue advanced training in pediatric blood marrow transplants. These treatments help treat blood cancers including leukemia.

A Closer Look at The Starr Children’s Fund 

Bart Starr created a legacy on the football field as well as with charity. Bart and Cherry Starr accepted the role of honorary chairpersons of the first annual Vince Lombardi Memorial gold Classes after Coach Vince Lombardi passed away. They both served this foundation for 44 years. They took part in raising more than $16 million for the fight against cancer. Later, they introduces the Starr Children’s Fund, dedicated to raising funds to support pediatric cancer research and treatment.

Only 4% of the money spent annually on cancer care and research serve to benefit pediatric cancer. The fellowship program is a way to support pediatric cancer and research through the Starr Children’s Fund.

Attached below is a list of all the guest interviews that will take place during the radiothon:

  • Cherry Starr
  • Bart Starr Jr. (Late Bart Starr’s Son)
  • Scott Hunter (Packers quarterback following Bart Starr Sr.)
  • Ryan Pate (Hematology/Oncology nurse at Children’s of Alabama)
  • Hannah Precise (Former patient and now nurse at Children’s of Alabama)
  • Will Nichols and his father (Pediatric cancer patient at Children’s of Alabama)
  • Bill Curry (Former NFL player and college coach)
  • Madison McIntyre (Pediatric cancer patient at Children’s of Alabama)
  • Ashley Prange (University of Alabama softball player)
  • Alyiah Wells (University of Alabama volleyball player)

To learn more about the Starr Children’s Fund, visit 

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