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Across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic has closed businesses and kept residents inside.

That sudden change is hitting Greene County especially hard with the closure of Greene County’s bingo halls, leaving about 600 people out of work.

With bingo closed, the businesses and charities benefiting from them aren’t seeing any money, either.

Greene County Sheriff Joe Benison, who regulates bingo in the county, distributes some of the profits from bingo to organizations across the county.

U.S. Rep Terri Sewell, who represents Alabama’s 7th Congressional District, said bingo halls in Greene County generate about $325,000 a month. Since the shutdown, that’s all gone up in smoke.

Some of those profits go to schools, Greene County Commission and Greene County Hospital, along with other nonprofit organizations.

Greene County Hospital receives about $45,000 a month during normal business operations. What happens to the hospital without that money is still unknown.

Alabama is getting more than $2 billion in funding, Sewell said, and that money needs to go toward health care.

“We’ve got to make sure these resources are getting into the hands of the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable health care providers in our state are those in the rural Black Belt and other rural communities,” Sewell said.

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