Tuscaloosa bicyclists are gathering Wednesday evening to commemorate their fallen fellow riders.

The worldwide Ride of Silence bike rally honors cyclists who have been killed or injured during a ride. Tuscaloosa’s event is sponsored by Tuscaloosa Triathletes.

Organization President Brian Darr said the ride is designed to raise awareness for rider and driver safety.

“If motorists would just be aware of us and give us plenty of room, we give them plenty of room,” he said. “When motorists are coming up behind us, we try to get in a single-file line and off to the side so give them plenty of room as well.”

The ride is free for anyone who wants to participate, but organizers do ask that cyclists remain silent during the ride. Rider orientation begins at 6:30 in the Embassy Suites Parking lot in downtown Tuscaloosa. The ride begins at 7.

To learn more about the nationwide Ride of Silence initiative, visit

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