By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Alexa Armstrong

CENTREVILLE – Another active case of tuberculosis was confirmed in Marion last week. That means 27 people have been infected in Marion since 2014.

Of the 27 cases, 15 have been successfully treated. Nine are currently being treated, and three cases were fatal.

Health officials in Bibb County are trying to make sure residents stay free of the disease.

Concerned residents gathered Thursday evening at Bibb County High School to hear from health officials, including Dr. Tom Miller and health officer Karen Landers.

The meeting was an opportunity for residents to ask questions and find out what’s happening in Marion and how it affects them.

Officials stressed that tuberculosis disease and the tuberculosis germ are different. Having the tuberculosis germ, latent tuberculosis, does not necessarily mean that you are contagious but the germ could develop into tuberculosis disease over time. Tuberculosis disease is also known as active tuberculosis and displays symptoms like weight loss, a lasting cough, chest pain, chills, fever, and night sweats

Back in Perry County, health officials are urging Marion residents to go through tuberculosis screenings in order to find out if more residents have latent tuberculosis or active tuberculosis and diagnose treatment from there.

In Bibb County, screenings are suggested it for residents who have been around someone with active tuberculosis

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