Jody Wade

Jody Wade is no stranger to law enforcement.
He’s been in the line of work for 23 years, working for the cities of Greensboro and Centreville and he’s been with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office since 1999.

Wade took the oath of office Wednesday, December 21, 2016 to become the sheriff of Bibb County.
he was appointed by Governor Robert Bentley the day before.

It’s been just over a month since the passing of longtime Bibb County Sheriff Keith Hannah.

“It’s not something that you can really be excited about,” Wade said. ” I’m just honored to have received the appointment. Sheriff Hannah taught me a lot over the period of time we were very close friends.”

Wade wants to encourage residents of Bibb County that they are still in good hands. He told WVUA 23,

“I’m meeting with the department heads in my department and the municipalities throughout the county to see how we can better work together with their respect from us and how we can assist them. I want to make sure it’s a smooth transition. Everything is going to be okay and we are going to move forward together.”

Look for Wade to run for sheriff in 2018.

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