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Bibb County Medical Center will test some people in the comfort of their own homes for coronavirus.

It’s working like this: Those who have COVID-19 symptoms – like fever, coughing and flu-like symptoms – call the Bibb Medical Center hotline for an appointment screening. During this screening, a health professional will assess the person’s symptoms. If they meet the criterion set out by the Alabama Department of Public Health for actual testing, a nurse from Bibb Medical Center will come to the patient’s home to perform the COVID-19 test.

President and CEO of Bibb Medical Center, Joseph Marchant, said this is an effort to help Bibb residents recover from illness with as much comfort and support as possible, while also not overwhelming the medical services in the county.

“The negative is, is not everybody is getting tested. Not everybody gets to meet the criterion … some people just call and just want to be tested,” Marchant said. “This doesn’t fix that problem, but certainly, for those who are most at risk – the frail, the elderly, the ones who check all the boxes, according to the guidelines – this can be more convenient for them because they don’t have to get out.”

The at-home testing is for Bibb County residents only. That hotline number to call is 205-926-3302

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