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One runoff is likely for Bibb County Republicans on May 31 after no candidate won a full 50% of the vote in the Republican primary election.

Howard Franks pulled out 42% of the vote with 1,500 ballots and C.W. West scored 37% with 1,301 ballots. The third candidate, Chris Whitfield, garnered 21% with 748 ballots.

Also on the Republican ballot, the Bibb County Commission District 1 primary goes to Jeremy Glenn Lightsey with 60% of the vote and 579 ballots. Lightsey’s challenger Keefe Burt garnered 40% of the vote with 386 ballots cast.

Bibb County Commission District 3 had Matt Downs pulling out a decisive victory, with 76% of the vote and 748 ballots versus his competitors Kenny Hicks with 12% and 116 ballots and Walt Williams at 12% with 114 ballots.

For the Democrats, Bibb County Commission District 5 was won by Rodney Stabler with 54% of the vote and 188 ballots, versus Jerome Chism with 46% of the vote and 158 ballots.

The winners of these elections — or the runoff election May 31 — will be on the ballots again in the Nov. 3 general election. Election results are not yet certified.

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