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Bibb County Commission

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Evan Reier

The Bibb County Commission is pushing for new legislation that would allow citizens of Bibb County to decide where the county could reallocate tax dollars for healthcare funding. However, the dollars would be taken from the Bibb Medical Center, which has had employees speaking out against the legislation.

At the start of February, healthcare workers clashed with commissioners over the possibility of reallocating tax dollars used for supplies and means at the medical center.

The employees said changing the budget will decrease important funds that are already struggling to meet needs across Bibb County. County commissioners have come back and said that the reallocation shouldn’t create funding problems.

Gov. Robert Bentley visited the hospital on March 28, looking to see new innovations from the center and its employees.

“He sees what’s coming ahead in the future,” said Bibb Medical Center Dietary Director Mitzi Elliot. “Of course we see what’s coming in the future with medicare and medicaid. We know that it’s going to get more difficult as time goes on to provide services when we know that that budgets going to keep getting tighter and tighter.

Although, Bentley’s visit has not stopped the Bibb County Commission to continue to push for legislation that would allow county citizens to re-allocate those tax dollars.


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