Bevill State

Through reinventing education with an additional bonus, Bevill State Community College is reshaping ideas and careers.

The college is playing a major role in educating and training Tuscaloosa residents in the workforce.

“Bevill State has always stepped up to the plate with regard to working with workforce and industry,” said Bevill State Dean of Workforce Solutions Al Moore. “So, any needs that the industry has, they can always approach us and ask us about supporting that.”

This support spans different areas of expertise within the medical, truck driving and welding fields, with an emphasis on gaining exposure to something outside the normal academic track.

“We just need young people to be exposed to what those opportunities really are and think beyond the things that they have always traditionally thought about,” said Bevill State President Kim Ennis.

Change around this thought process is happening because of help from initiatives like the Rapid Response Training Center and the Career Pathways Academy. Each is possible because of funding from Appalachian Regional Commission grants.

“Bevill State can’t work in isolation,” Ennis said. “We have to work with grant agencies such as ARC, we have to work with our K-12 partners, we have to work with our economic development partners.”

These partnerships fund initiatives that offer dual opportunities for manufacturing certification and credit toward students’ high school diplomas, which allows for its own benefits.

“There’s much better communication between education and industry now,” Moore said. “Education partners are really focused on understanding what industry needs are and then the industry partners are focused on listening to education and the process for getting some things done.”

Bevill State Community College is currently offering dual enrollment for high school students and non-credit skills training.

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