Best Buy

Did you ever think you’d see a day where you could buy vinyl records but not compact discs? According to Billboard, that’s what you’ll find at Best Buy starting in July. The retailer plans to pull all CDs out of its stores by then. Their decision is based on the recent trend from physical copies of music to digital downloads. CDs, the once commonplace digital music format, is getting hammered in the U.S. But in an interesting twist, Best Buy will continue carry vinyl records, after a resurgence in their popularity.

This could be good news for local music stores, like Oz Music, because they will gain the business Best Buy is giving up, but it can also be viewed as a not entirely accurate representation of consumer buying habits.

“I’ve got conflicted views on it,” said Jason Patton, the owner of Oz Music. “You know, for a business standpoint, it’s probably going to drive more business to us, but from just a consumer/PR standpoint, it’s not a great thing, in my opinion, because it’s going to give that perception that CDs are going away, and people still buy CDs every day and they love them.”

You’re also likely to see fewer CDs at Target stores in the coming months. Executives there are reportedly insisting they will only pay music companies for the discs after they sell them, instead of paying upfront for inventory.

Patton also explains while people are getting their music digitally more, they are missing out in one big way. He says when you buy a CD, you have something you physically own, and a download can get deleted at any moment.

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