Beulah Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa decided to give back to their members by giving out barbecue meals this weekend while members held a surprise parade for their pastor as part of Pastor Appreciation Week.

This week is normally pastor and first family appreciation weekend, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Beaulah Baptist Pastor David Gay and his family decided on giving gifts instead.

Members of the church participated in a drive-thru in the parking lot and received a barbecue plate. Gay said he was happy to give back to their members and thinks they gave over 300 families meals.

“It’s all free again from me and family back to the congregation,” Gay said.

Gay has been the pastor of Beulah Baptist Church for seven years, and members lined up at the McDonald Hughes Center and formed a parade line after worship services to surprise the pastor.

“You all got me on that one. One of the gratitude very few things surprises me, but I didn’t know anything about this one. They told me I was coming out to take a picture and I can’t say enough about the love of the people they show for their pastor all the time so thank you, but they caught me off guard with this one. I did not expect it or know it,” Gay said.

Gay said he’s proud of all the work the church is doing for the community amid the pandemic and his members obviously appreciate it and him.

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