Be prepared when severe weather strikes overnight


Overnight weather events can be especially frightening: one because they are less visible since it’s dark outside and two because that’s when people are usually sleeping.

On active weather days, you can find WVUA 23 Chief Meteorologist Richard Scott in our Weather Center preparing our viewers for the upcoming storms.

“One of the biggest things you need to do to prepare for the overnight events is to have a reliable source that can alert you, kind of like an alarm clock, ” Scott said. My favorite tool is an NOAA weather radio. Those things are awesome. It is a loud buzzer sound that is going to wake you up if there is a warning issued for your local area. You can program these local weather to be specific to your county.”

Over at Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency, Deputy Director Tamara Croom filled us in on some common mistakes people make during severe weather.

“Can’t stress enough to make sure those programmed radios have fresh batteries,” Croom said. “So, if the power goes out, guess what? No batteries, no weather radios. A lot of people don’t have their weather radios in their bedrooms. They have them in the den, in the kitchen. Let’s make sure that they can wake you up. I know people who rely heavily on outdoor warning sirens. Keyword: outdoor. They are not meant to be heard indoors. That is why you cannot only rely on outdoor warning sirens.”

And if you don’t have a weather radio, you can still stay weather alert by signing up for TuscAlert on your mobile device. You can register right here.

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