The road to recovery for many baton rouge families, after massive flooding there during this past summer, stretches on. Some are back inside their home, while others have a much longer road ahead.

Flood waters ripped through Amanda Pearson’s home, taking almost everything.

“It’s the most devastating thing I have every been through in my life, Pearson said. 

Pearson said she and her children were lucky to escape with their lives, racing from shelter to shelter.

“Here it comes gushing this way, and I picked up the kids and put them on the table,” Pearson said. “This was fast, wind blowing, getting soaking wet, the kids were sacred and they were holding on to me.”

More than three months later, the Pearsons are back home with brand new beds, courtesy of a compassionate nonprofit called High Socks for Hope.

“There’s no words to describe how good that makes you feel to finally be back in your own home and to be able to sleep in your own home,” Pearson said. “Thank you, you have no idea what this has done for me and family. It gives me motivation to keep going.”

Meanwhile, a pair of newlyweds are trying to keep each other motivated.

“We got married in the flood,” Chance Hunter said. The honeymoon ended early.

“We walked nine miles tried to each other by the hip,” Chance Hunter said, “with backpacks and noodles and we were determined to get to our kids.”

Now, the newlyweds and their children live in tents, just outside their moldy home.

“We’re living out of totes,” said wife Kayla Hunter.

But hope is on their side. High Socks for Hope provided them with food, clothes for the children and heaters for the upcoming cold season.

“We’re very appreciative knowing people that just don’t even know somebody like us and willing to help and drive this far it’s very overwhelming,” Chance Hunter said.

And despite there circumstances, they keep fighting to find motivation for their kids.

“I know it looks like were having it bad because were living in tents but were happy as a family,” Chance Hunter said. “Home is what you make it.”


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