BamaCarry: New gun law eliminates ‘government permission slip’

By WVUA23 Student News Reporter Gracie Fusco

At the first of the year, Alabama became the latest state making it easier than ever for gun owners to carry their weapons. The new law, HB272, allows anyone 19 or older who can legally own a handgun to carry it openly or concealed in Alabama without a permit.

Before Jan. 1, anyone 19 or older who could legally own a handgun could carry their weapon openly, but concealed carry required a permit offered by a resident’s county sheriff’s office.

That’s a great change for anyone concerned about their Second Amendment rights, said BamaCarry President Eddie Fulmer.

“The only thing this law does is allow law-abiding citizens to carry without having to ask for a government permission slip,” Fulmer said.

BamaCarry is a Northport-based organization focused on gun rights in the state.

According to, Alabama is the 22nd state adopting this policy.

This new law does not change rules for government buildings, businesses or private property.

Residents can’t carry a weapon into federal facilities, courthouses, police stations or schools, and any business or property that does not allow weapons inside must have clear and visible signs posted outside their facilities.

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