PARIS – A University of Alabama student was mere blocks away from central Paris when terror attacks began Friday.

Taylor Neuman, a University of Alabama student and WVUA 23 intern, is studying abroad in Spain. But, Taylor traveled to Paris on a weekend excursion with friends.

According to Neuman, the group was taking the Metro from a restaurant back to their hotel when they noticed that three of the stops were closed. The group continued to their hotel on foot while numerous ambulances and first response vehicles zoomed by.

Neuman said, “We see tons of ambulances going by. And we don’t think anything of it. We got straight to our hotel room. And there’s people crying in the hotel lobby. And we see it all over the news. We find out ten minutes from our hotel room there’s been four terrorist attacks”.

Neuman described the scene in the hotel as heart wrenching.

Neuman said, “Seeing people in the lobby crying, watching TV, really touched me and kind of hit me right there. Cause I had no idea what was going on. And, seeing locals running into the hotel room, and the hotel lobby to find out what’s going on, maybe get some wireless to call their loved ones to tell them that they’re OK. That definitely hit hard for me”.

Neuman’s been in contact with her parents. She’s one of six University of Alabama students currently in France. According to University of Alabama officials, all six students are safe and accounted for.

Neuman plans to shelter at the hotel until the state of emergency ends and she can return to Spain to complete her coursework.

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