Bama Nails And Spa

A little over a week ago, a minivan drove through Bama Nails and Spa and thankfully no one was seriously injured in what could have been a fatal accident.

Shirley Phan and her husband Peter Dao own Bama Nails and Spa in Northport and said they could have never expected an accident of this caliber to occur. They also said they were thankful that there were fewer people in the spa at the time of the accident, or someone could have been seriously hurt.

“We were all in shock,” Phan said. “Everyone was very emotional. The first thing we wanted to check to see if everyone was indeed okay and thankfully during that moment there were no serious injuries that we could see.”

Dao was sitting at the station closest to the window. He knew that bad weather was forecasted that day and said he thought the crash was related to the weather.

“It sounded like a tornado,” Dao said. “It was really loud. So, you know, I thought a tornado had hit me. It pushed everything toward me and I got stuck, you know, it happened so fast. So, I am lucky to be alive.”

Today, March 20, Bama Nails and Spa is back open and serving their customers.

“We are very grateful that our salon is not just a salon, but it’s more, it’s very family oriented,” Phan said. “We all know our clients and everybody knows each other, everyone has been very supportive which we are very very grateful for.”

Bama Nails and Spa is located in the Walmart neighborhood market shopping strip in Northport. The owners said that they are extremely thankful to their neighbors, customers and community for rallying around them as they get back on their feet.

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