Bad time management skills? Odds are good your sleep sucks, too

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If you’re a college student lacking in time management skills, the quality of your sleep is likely also lacking, new research from the University of Alabama suggests.

UA College of Human Environmental Sciences associate professor of health science Dr. Adam Knowlden investigated how time management skills like setting goals, organization and time priorities influences sleep health for full-time college students.

“College students tend to deal with lifestyle-related sleep problems,” said Knowlden in a statement. “For example, balancing academic and social obligations can be challenging for college students. Stress and anxiety also impact college students and we know that stress can impact the sleep quality college students receive by causing insomnia.”

According to Knowlden, more than 65% of college students describe their sleep quality as poor.

The study, which was recently published in the American Journal of Health Education, found those time management factors significantly influenced college students’ overall sleep quality.

“Among the three factors, having a preference for organization was the most crucial factor influencing sleep quality,” said Knowlden. “This suggests that individuals who prioritize and maintain an organized environment tend to experience better sleep quality.”

Knowlden, who has also conducted sleep health studies related to body composition and stress, said students can start sleeping better by learning and implementing time management strategies.

“We know that during sleep is when learning takes place,” said Knowlden. “You can think of your mind like a computer. When we sleep, our brain is getting rid of information it doesn’t need, and keeping information it does need. This is why students that prioritize sleep do better academically.”

You can learn more about the study right here.

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