There’s a little more than a week remaining before students and teachers head back to school in West Alabama.

But how can parents ensure their children are ready during this stressful time? New school supplies and clothes can weigh heavy on parents, while new classrooms, friends and activities can give children a surprising amount of stress.

“Usually, the school will mail you the list of supplies you need for each grade,” said parent Anna Burkhalter.

But if that doesn’t happen, parents may have to do some digging.

“You can go to your school’s website and get a list, your child’s website and get a list,” said parent Nancy Rhodes. “Walmart did have them out at one time. But we mainly use internet resources.”

Some parents said they’ve given up on doing it the old way, so they’re letting technology do their hard work for them when it comes to school supplies.

“I usually (buy from) Target because I can do it online,” said parent Tiesha Gresham. “I like doing it ahead of time online and just coming to pick it up because they have everything ready for you.”

But some schools go even further in their quest to make things easy for parents.

“Some schools actually have companies that are putting (school supplies) together and you can purchase it already completely done,” Rhodes said.

But having the newest backpack, clothes and supplies aren’t the only things parents should check off before classes begin, especially for children heading into kindergarten.

“Just knowing their ABCs, count to 20, there’s a checklist you need to know to make sure they’re ready,” Burkhalter said.

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