Baby formula shortage putting strain Tuscaloosa parents

A nationwide shortage of Enfamil baby formula has gotten so bad that some parents have taken to Facebook looking for what they need so their babies’ bellies remain full.
“I had to change the brand so my daughter could have something to eat,” said Destiny Lagard, who has a 2-month-old daughter. “It’s been pretty bad. It’s been weeks since I had her regular formula.”
Courtney Thomas said the shortage has hit her and her new twins hard. She said at one point she searched seven different stores for formula and still came up short.
“I was not able to find the Gentlease baby formula,” she said,  “I was in quite a bit of panic because our little twins are premature.”
Thomas said was down to her last two cans before she looked to social media for help.
“The women in Tuscaloosa and the women in my world and network just really showed up and showed out,” Thomas said.
Within 48 hours, she said received enough baby formula to feed her twins for the rest of the month.
Albert Dean said he and his wife started having problems getting baby formula for their daughter about a month ago. They drove from store to store in Tuscaloosa to find what they need.
“I’ve had to go to five or six (stores) to find one bottle of it,” he said.
The search was so difficult the Deans started buying baby formula off Amazon.
“We usually get three cases of it, but this last go round they only sent one case and two more came in maybe a week,” Dean said. “It’s starting to hit Amazon.”
Many local stores have purchase limits on formula to ensure the limited stock goes to as many patrons as it can.
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