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After taking down blue-blood programs in Kansas and North Carolina, Auburn routed the winningest program in basketball history, the Kentucky Wildcats, in the Elite Eight last Sunday, March 31. The Tigers rallied from a 10-point deficit to win 77-71 in a closely contested battle that went to overtime.

Senior guard Bryce Brown said they were inspired by forward Chuma Okeke, who suffered an ACL tear against North Carolina.

“Above all, I’m just happy we got it for Chuma. I know he wanted to be out there so bad, he could have made so many plays out there for us. This game was specifically for him and we went out there and battled for him,” said Brown.

Brown contributed 24 points while Junior guard Jared Harper scored a team-high 26 points and made crucial plays in overtime.

“I’ve been proving myself my entire life and I feel like a lot of people on our team have been proving themselves their entire lives. Our team has been proving itself all year and all of last year, and its not going to change, we are going to continue to do that,” said Harper.

The Tigers will travel to Minneapolis to face the 1-seed Virginia Cavaliers on Saturday, April 6, for their first Final Four appearance in program history.

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