Events are already getting canceled for May as coronavirus precautions continue to be taken. But, will the pandemic continue through the summer?

In March, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a study saying higher temperatures and humidity will be less favorable for virus survival. But, not enough evidence is available to see how true that is.

Richard Friend, the dean of the University of Alabama’s College of Community Health Sciences, said similar virus outbreaks like SARS and MERS were not affected by temperatures and that we do not have enough information to be confident it will be the case here.

“We really need to wait and see but the evidence is very mixed as to whether or not this COVID-19 will survive or won’t survive in summer weather, Friend said. “We know that Australia and Iran, which are now in their summer months, are having rapid spread of the virus as well.”

Friend said it is important to keep practicing all the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines regarding COVID-19 every day – staying at home as much as possible, washing hands often and social distancing.

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