As recruiters struggle, Air Force seeks lift from ‘Top Gun’

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top gun

WASHINGTON (AP) – When “Top Gun: Maverick” roared into theaters in late May, the Air Force was ready.

Recruiters struggling to meet enlistment goals took boxes of free mugs and lanyards, and fanned out to theaters for the premiere.

They were determined to capitalize on the jet-fueled excitement surrounding a military-themed movie that came out at a time when service recruiters are having problems finding young people who want to join and can meet the physical, mental and moral requirements.

Recruiters are offering bigger bonuses and other incentives to those who sign up.

And they’re seizing on the boost that Hollywood may offer, such as the buzz over the sequel to “Top Gun” from 1986.

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7/20/2022 3:32:38 PM (GMT -5:00)

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