Artist Rick Rush shares other’s success through his works


By WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Grace Brister

Rick Rush is a local artist in Tuscaloosa that takes the Tide’s success to a new level. His work tells an inside story and captures moments through his art. 

Rush has been doing art professionally for 45 years. He says that artists tend to relate their work with things that are close to them, and that is why his focus is sports art. 

“Hemingway wrote about the sea and bullfights. William Faulkner wrote about Mississippi and Ole miss and that kind of thing,” Rush said. “Becoming a sports artist is the culmination of two things that I’ve  done all my life.”

Rush suspends others’ success in his artwork so that people can look at it and remember what those moments felt like. 

“Most of them tell the backstory behind the winning event,” Rush said. “The pieces I do help people remember what it was like to be at a Superbowl, or a national championship or an NBA world championship or the Stanley cup championship and capture that where they can remember and reflect and just reminisce about what that was all about.”

He uses a technique that he calls “Sporting Impressionism” which he describes as capturing the spirit and precision of that sporting event.

His daughter Rachael Smallwood has grown up watching him create his art, and she said that he always made his family feel included in his work. 

“He has always put a crowd in the background of so many of his pictures, and in that crowd, he always let us be in there,” said Smallwood. “In some of the prints through the years, you’ll see my brothers and sisters and I kind of growing up in the background of those.”

Rush’s current project Crimson Perfection is about last year’s undefeated National Championship team in order to allow fans to relive that memory. 

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