Missing Girl Demopolis

Photo provided by Channel 4 Jacksonville

The mother of a 5-year-old girl missing from Florida has been charged with her neglect and lying to police officers during the investigation into her whereabouts.

Taylor Rose Williams was reported missing Nov. 6, but she hasn’t been seen for much longer than that, according to the arrest warrant.

According to the warrant, Brianna Williams called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Nov. 6 and told sheriff’s deputies that she’d woken up to an unlocked door and a missing daughter.

During the investigation, detectives spoke with a former neighbor who said he worked a night shift and remained home during the day. The neighbor told detectives he was familiar with Williams, Taylor Rose and their regular routines.

The neighbor told authorities he witnessed Taylor Rose wandering around the apartment complex by herself several times between April and May, and said she was always wearing the same pair of pajamas. Her mother was nowhere to be found, so the neighbor helped Taylor Rose go back inside her apartment and ensured she locked the door.

The neighbor said he continued seeing Taylor Rose alone at least every other day, and said she’d wave from within her apartment. The neighbor said he hasn’t seen her since May 21, when he saw Taylor Rose with her mother. Since then, the neighbor said he asked Williams about Taylor Rose, but was told she was in Alabama with her grandparents.

Williams told investigators Taylor Rose was staying with Williams’ mother the month of October, and Williams drove to Tuscaloosa on Oct. 31 to pick her up. Williams also told authorities Taylor Rose had been attending day care, but she was pulled after Williams’ work schedule changed and was being cared for by Williams’ mother.

Investigators discovered Taylor Rose last attended day care in April. Taylor Rose’s maternal and paternal grandparents said they haven’t seen Taylor Rose in more than a year, and Williams’ mother said the last time she saw Taylor Rose was in January.

Williams has been charged with two counts of child neglect, and one count of giving false information to law enforcement. She is currently in the hospital following what police believe to have been a suicide attempt, but will be taken into custody as soon as she is released from the hospital.

Authorities said Tuesday they recovered human remains in a wooded area between Linden and Demopolis. Those remains have not yet been confirmed to be those of Taylor Rose.

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