April 14 is National Gardening Day

Do you have a green thumb? Ever wanted to start your own garden?  Put your skills to the test on National Gardening Day. National Gardening Day on April 14. The day was created to give gardeners a shove and a shovel so that they can begin their gardening journey. National Gardening Day happens during Spring, in time for summer planting.

A gardener may plan years ahead as they shape the nature that surrounds them according to their vision and needs.

Tuscaloosa County Parks and Recreation Authority offers 32 garden plots at Sokol Park North. It gives the community a chance to grow fresh veggies and promotes a hobby that keeps you healthy and active.

People have also gained a sense of community and fellowship through time spent at the garden.

Al Howard, local gardener, talks about how much he has loved gardening through the years.

“I’ve been out here for eight years,” Howard said. “It offers a great opportunity for gardeners to come up here. We all become friends and we share everything together. We really enjoy it.”

If you are interested in having your own garden, start off small or contact PARA to get a plot of land.

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