App helps Bama fans skip lines, get food faster

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Benito

Tuscaloosa – A food delivery company called ASAP is helping University of Alabama football fans avoid long concession lines.

ASAP Express Mobile Pickup Sign

Bryant-Denny Stadium will have signs like these with QR codes to make ordering snack and beverages easier in the stadium. (Photo courtesy ASAP).

The partnership with ASAP started last year when ASAP slowly launched its mobile ordering program in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The goal of the app is to streamline the concession lines in Bryant-Denny and make it easier for fans to get food quickly and get back to the game.

ASAP has QR codes posted throughout Bryant-Denny Stadium and also has an app that can be used to order food and drinks.

ASAP Business Development Director Kevin Burke said mobile ordering allows fans more time to spend cheering on the Tide and less time waiting in line.

Mobile ordering is also available for alcoholic purchases.

“This will be new for everybody this year,” Burke said. “There’s checks and balances in place when it comes to serving alcohol to fans that are of the appropriate age. In addition to confirming you are 21 or older in the app, you’ll also, upon receiving the alcohol, be asked to show your ID to the concession staff before they issue you the actual alcoholic beverage,” says Burke.

To help with this transition there are ASAP Ambassadors who will be in the stadium handing out QR code cards and directing people to the correct places to pick up their game-day snacks.

“With Bryant-Denny being a large venue, we are excited to be bringing mobile ordering to Tuscaloosa,” Burke said.

Even though ASAP is excited for this opportunity to partner with the university, this is not the only way ASAP is connecting with the Tuscaloosa community.

ASAP is a food delivery service like any other; competing with Uber Eats and DoorDash. Food can be ordered from almost anywhere and delivered to a specified location.

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