Another heat wave means another rough power bill

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Avery Lake

So far the month of August has been a little cooler than July, but that is about to change. Temperatures will reach into the triple digits, and this will likely have an effect on your power bill.

Alabama Power Company representatives say heating and cooling your home is always the biggest expense on your power bill.  So you may want to pay extra attention to what is running in your home so you can keep your electric bill reasonable.

Danielle Kimbrough from Alabama Power Company said there are several ways to conserve your energy.

“Some things they can do is to ensure that they are putting their AC on 78 during the day,” said Kimbrough. “I know that seems a little high, but it can help offset some of the cost with your power bill. Other things you can do is to do your chores during the cooler parts of the day. So you may want to wait to run the dishwasher or do your laundry at night when it’s cooler and then your power bill will be a little lower because you’re using less energy.”

If you are struggling with paying your power bill, contact Alabama Power to explore payment options like budget billing or help finding financial assistance.

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