Animal shelters seeing influx of abandoned animals

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Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is currently packed full of dogs and cats, and now they’re dealing with even more being dumped at their doors in an unsafe manner.

Metro made a post on social media Thursday highlighting the issue. One dog was left tied to the shelter’s door with a trash bag. The dog slipped its collar, ran into the road and got killed by a car. In another instance, a cat was left in a cardboard box.

Neither way is appropriate for surrendering a pet, said Metro Intake Health and Behavior Manager Abby Moore, because without supervision the animals may be harmed.

“We don’t want to shame anyone, but we want to change the community mindset,” she said. “It’s a community problem of pet overpopulation.”

Metro urges pet owners to spay or neuter their pets.

If you can’t keep an animal, Metro has a Home to Home service that residents can use to find their pets a new home. You can check it out right here.

There are also several Facebook groups dedicated to rehoming animals around West Alabama.

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