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Churches in our area have decided fear won’t get in the way of their praise.

In light of the Coronavirus concerns happening around the nation and Alabama, churches around West Alabama are spending Sunday service a little different than usual.

“One of the things we try to do is operate off of facts and not fiction or fear and we’ve been preparing for this a long time having team meetings to educate our congregation and members about the things that may be coming,” said Pastor David Gay Jr. of Beulah Baptist Church.

Many local churches have announced their worship services will be held online only to protect churchgoers from the spread of the virus.

“Mainly because we have a lot of senior adults in our church and so our staff will do a Facebook live,” said Pastor Ben Jameson of Five Points Baptist Church. “And we’ll actually be more of a sit down talk where we talk to people how we shouldn’t be afraid and what God says about fear. And how we can use this time to minister to those in need.”

Pastor Hollis Thomas of Rock City Church Tuscaloosa also chose to broadcast virtually to his members Sunday.

“That’s the beautiful part about God,” Thomas said. “God loves his people, and gives us the ability to use resources that are within our grasp to make sure people can receive the word of God.”

Church-goers said they’re happy they can continue to worship while also helping the community recover.

“I think it’s amazing that our society has grown to where we can attend in church physically, but if anything happens like now with the Coronavirus we’re still able to connect and reach people,” Rock City Church Tuscaloosa member Courtney White said.

Some churches chose to continue traditional worship, while exercising new precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

“One of the things we’re doing is having more small groups so we can practice social distancing and we’re also sanitizing the sanctuary between each service that we have,” Beulah Baptist Church Pastor David Gay told WVUA 23.

Daystar Family Church in Northport also met in person Sunday, which is something Executive Lead Pastor David Redding said is needed in times of fear.

“Give them a sense of hope and faith during this time, and to hear that voice live and to have them be empowered for the next couple of weeks,” Redding exclaimed.

Since this is a fluid situation, each pastor said they will continue to adhere to the recommendations set forth in how they should move forward with services.

It’s best to check in with your church or worship group to find out how services and operations will move forward.

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