By WVUA 23 Reporter Jordan Johnson

Tuscaloosa, Ala-Tuesday morning, the West Alabama chapter of the American Heart Association invited community leaders to talk about some new and exciting things they are doing in the coming years in the Tuscaloosa area.

No other organization has raised more money for the research of heart disease and strokes than the American Heart Association and so they decided to honor the fundraisers and donors that make this goal possible with an executive breakfast.

This breakfast was not only to honor these community leaders, but also to tell them about the new hands-only CPR initiative that they are launching.

The AHA is partnering with schools, churches, and others to teach as many people hands-only CPR as possible.

“It’s real easy to do,” John Tutt, Sr. Community CPR Manager, said. “You don’t have to be an instructor. Everything we are teaching is hands-only CPR. You’re not breathing for anybody. All you’re doing is giving compressions.”

You can contact the local American Heart Association and they will get you in touch with a local instructor for your quick, one-time lesson.

Another topic of the morning was the annual Heart Walk which will happen on March 7th of 2020. You can go to to learn more and get involved

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