Amendments on Tuesday’s ballots

There is a long list of amendments on Tuesday’s ballot for you to consider.

Many of us go into the voting booth and may not be familiar with the amendments.

So, we thought we’d give you a rundown of what each one is about.

You can vote to allow the recompilation of the Alabama Constitution of 2022, which removes racist and outdated language in the document. Here are the amendments you’ll see on Tuesday.

Amendment 1: If approved, would give judges more discretion to deny bail to people charged violent crimes, including murder, rape and kidnapping. This is known as Aniah’s law.

Amendment 2 would give local governments the ability to use federal or state grants to improve broadband services.

Amendment 3 would require the governor to provide notice to the attorney general and victim’s family before commuting a death sentence.

Amendment 4 would prevent lawmakers from making election procedure changes within six months of election day.

Amendment 5 would delete what are considered outdated reference words used by judges dealing with adoptions and guardianships.

Amendment 6 says cities and towns that collect a special property tax may use those tax dollars to directly “pay-as-you-go” for projects instead of going into debt.

Amendment 7 would give local governments more power to issue economic development incentives, allowing them to use public funds for economic purposes.

Amendments 8 and 9 deal with local sewer projects, one in Shelby County and the other in the town of Lake View in Tuscaloosa and Jefferson counties.

Amendment 10 deals with a proposed new state constitution and if one is approved, would provide for any new amendments to be placed within the document and not just listed at the end.

There are two local amendments of interest.  Those of you in Walker County can vote to require that the probate judge of the county be an attorney.

The other local amendment is for voters in Pickens County. If approved this would allow funds from an ad valorem tax to be distributed to volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services.

Polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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