WEST BLOCTON, Ala. — A local football player is staying in state. West Blocton’s Jake Vick will play football at the University of West Alabama next year. West Blocton’s mascot is the Tigers. West Alabama’s mascot is also the Tigers, but that’s not the only similarity between Vick’s two schools.

“The environment down there is much like we’ve got here,” Vick said. “It just felt like home so that was pretty much it. I knew then that that’s where I wanted to be, and it’s not very far from home so I think it should work out good.”
“He’s going to be successful no matter what,” former West Blocton head coach Gregg Farnett said. “He’s got the intelligence. The sky’s the limit for him. I think he could go in any field he wanted to, and he’d meet the requirements to be able to accomplish it.”

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