All-time Alabama team added to Madden 22

Derrick Henry, Julio Jones and Derrick Thomas headline the squad
Madden 2022
Photo courtesy EA Sports

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Hunter De Siver

The nearly 30-year dynasty of the EA Sports Madden NFL football video game has created many exciting game modes over the years, but none as jaw-dropping as the new “Campus Legends” mode in Superstar KO.

This mode has been around since Aug. 31. However, only 10 schools were in it. Each of these teams has college and pro legends from the past and present. This mode doesn’t include current college players.

The Campus Legends game mode is a four-quarter, online-only experience. This means that you need to pay the online gaming fee for your system in order to use these rosters.

Madden has a large community of followers, especially on YouTube. Dozens of Madden YouTubers recently began to promote the additions by creating videos on their channels for millions to see.

When these YouTubers found the game mode in Aug. 31, they all said the same thing: “Where is Alabama?”

Two weeks ago, EA Sports added two new schools to the game mode: Ohio State and Alabama.

What makes this mode interesting is that Madden adjusts almost every player’s overall rating to a 90 (out of 99). They give 5-6 players on each team a 95 or 99 rating as well. They do this to even out the playing field.

Some notable players from other schools include, Reggie Bush (USC), Brian Bosworth (Oklahoma), Tim Tebow (Florida), Justin Herbert (Oregon), Tommie Frazier (Nebraska), Le’Veon Bell (Michigan State), Ray Lewis (Miami), Vince Young (Texas), Joe Burrow (LSU), DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson) and Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State).

Every position has backups, so people can change who they want to play at certain positions. For example, Joe Namath is the starting QB for the Crimson Tide, but you can substitute in Mac Jones or Tua Tagovailoa.

The Tide have so many more legends on this team who are engraved in the Walk of Champions and hand-printed into Denny Chimes.

Heisman Trophy winners Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram and DeVonta Smith all made the cut.

Old-timers like Ozzie Newsome, John Hannah and Derrick Thomas made the roster.

You can find every team and their roster here.

It’s unknown if Madden will continue this game mode for years to come. However, if they do, don’t be surprised if Bryce Young and Will Anderson Jr. make the squad in a couple of years.

If you don’t already own Madden 22, the game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC and Stadia (not available on Nintendo Switch).

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