All bundled up? Don’t forget your pets when the mercury drops

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

Winter has finally arrived in Alabama, and that means cold-weather precautions like wrapping your pipes and bringing in the potted plants. But it’s also time to ensure your furry family members have a warm retreat, whether it’s a cozy outside den or a spot at the foot of the bed.

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter Office and Programs Manager Thomas Sahm said it’s vital to remember pets during these times, especially those living outside. If you can’t bring them in, ensure they have a shelter that gets them out of the cold.

“A lot of people think that dogs are going to be more hearty outside in the cold, but that’s not true,” said Sahm. “They’re just like people. They can get cold easily and they can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. You definitely want to make sure you have them warm and access to somewhere they can stay out of the cold.”

If your area is home to stray animals or feral cats, you can help them out by ensuring they have fresh water available and buying or building a shelter. Plans aplenty are available online at all price points.

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