Aliceville businesses are slowly starting to open up their doors to the public after a forced shutdown due to COVID-19.

Several essential businesses in the area were allowed to remain open, but many small businesses had to close their doors indefinitely.

Since the stay at home order has been revised, they are slowly reopening.

Aliceville Mayor Marva Gipson says that things are improving in the small West Alabama town.

“All the businesses are opening back up, for example our faculty connection school was closed, and it has opened back up. That was one of our basic revenues plus the fact that our grocery stores never shut down they just kept their social distance and they operated on a daily basis,” Gipson said.

Gipson said the public did a great job with social distancing throughout the shutdown and they didn’t have to lay off any city employees.

She looks forward to seeing the rest of the businesses open back up and start the return to normal.

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